About Cat Specialist Services Brisbane

About Cat Specialist Services

Cat Specialist Services is the fulfilment of the life-long dream of feline specialist Dr Rachel Korman, who wished to establish a feline only specialist hospital in partnership with Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS).

Veterinary Specialist Services have been providing the best possible patient care at a specialist level in Brisbane for more than twenty years.

Dr Korman worked with some of the partners of VSS prior to commencing specialist training in the United Kingdom. After completing her training she returned to Brisbane to continue a great working partnership.

Cat Specialist Services has grown out of the need to provide the highest level of patient care whilst acknowledging cats have very different and specific requirements compared to dogs. Health care outcomes and patient handling are improved when these requirements are considered.

The staff at Cat Specialist Services are all certifiably cat crazy. At the same time they are absolutely dedicated to continued study and professional development and striving to be the best in their fields in feline medicine and nursing.

Our love and fascination of cats has inspired us since we were small children.

We have all shared our lives with many cats over the years and it is a privilege to work with cats every day.

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Address 1-15 Lexington Rd,
Underwood, QLD, AU, 4119

PhonePh: 1300 228 377

Hours Monday-Friday: 8 am-6 pm
Saturday/Sunday - Closed

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