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Feline hospital wards

Cats may be admitted to our feline hospital as a day patient or they may stay for a few days if unwell. We take great care in making sure that your cat's stay will be as stress free as possible. This is done by the following:

  • As a dedicated Cat Specialist Hospital there is no interaction with any dogs. 
  • The lighting within the ward can be reduced to ensure cats can rest.
  • For cats staying for a numbers of days kennels are large with space for food and litter trays to be an adequate distance apart and plenty of bedding and hiding boxes which also allow vertical space for perching.
  • Please bring a small amount of your cats favourite foods to improve their appetite during their stay as they are more likely to eat something familiar in a different environment.
  • If your cat is very particularly about their choice of cat litter please also bring a small amount of this. We use Breeders Choice paper pellets in the hospital.
  • If you wish to bring an item from home that already has their own and other familiar scents on this is encouraged, however please note, that sometimes these items make their way into the vortex of the laundry and while we make every effort to ensure that items do not get lost we cannot guarantee it! So please, no family heirlooms!
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