Feline internal medicine consultations

Feline internal medicine consultations

Our feline internal medicine consultations take place in our feline consultation room which is a dedicated cat consultation room with a cat-friendly environment. Cats can explore the room safely and we will have a litter box present if required.

Our feline clinicians will ask you some questions while your cat explores. We will then perform a physical examination either on the table, floor or the clinican's lap depending on what your cat prefers! If your cat is older then they may have a blood pressure measurement taken during the consultation.  We will typically ask you to help hold your cat during this procedure as this will help reduce any anxiety.

Once the clinician has completed taking their history and performing the physical examination, they will discuss the possible causes of your cat's condition and investigations which may be required. Depending on the severity and emergency nature of the condition, investigations may be performed that day or the following day. The clinician will also discuss cost estimates for the procedures and ongoing treatments. Once these items have been discussed your cat will be admitted to the hospital or discharged back to your care. If your cat is admitted, please return to reception where they will organise for you to sign a consent form and ensure all your contact details are correct.

We will typically contact you via SMS to let you know when a procedure is going to be scheduled and your clinician will phone you with results once the procedure is completed. Please note that sometimes these phone calls will be later in the evening but we will always discuss the outcomes of the days investigations with you in full each day.

Feline internal medicine consultations


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