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Cat Medical Boarding FAQ's

Leaving home when you have a cat with complicated (or even not that complicated) medical problems can be difficult. At CSS we offer medical boarding for pre-existing CSS patients and cats who have received radioactive iodine treatment with us. We love our regular patients and have designed a special boarding facility to provide a “home away from home” where cats can still get the medical care and love they need while their owners are away.

Each cat will have their own suite with ramps, multiple sleeping places and shelves to sunbathe on with natural sunlight. Suites are kept meticulously clean.
We have three themed play rooms that the cats can spend time in (Starwars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter) and we provide cat TV and toys. Our playrooms are thoroughly cleaned between cats. Our staff love cats so there will be plenty of playtime and cuddles. Our boarding suites are direct across from the feline staff offices so they are also observed closely.
Cat TV
Yes, we have suites that can be joined together to make a larger suite for a maximum of 2 cats.
Our boarding suites have been designed with a safety corridor – like an airlock in a spaceship. This ensures that cats are safely contained and cannot reach the outside.
Yes. Vaccinations are vital for cats coming into boarding as anywhere there are multiple cats, there is the possibility of viruses and some of our cat's boarding are elderly and higher-risk patients.
All cats coming into the boarding facility are required to be up to date (within the last 12 months) unless there is a clear medical reason which is cleared by one of our veterinarians.
All cats will be fed premium veterinary food and we have many snacks and treats available. If cats require a specific diet (e.g. renal, urinary, or diabetic diet or a specific brand) we would ask that owners supply this food for their cat.
Our highly trained staff will monitor your cat daily, including daily assessment of body weight and recording how much your cat eats. If they are worried they can ask for one of our feline vets to check your cat.
Yes! Familiar bedding and toys can help a cat feel secure as they smell familiar. We would request that the item is small and comes very well labeled! Please no family heirlooms. Despite best intentions, items sometimes enter the vortex of the laundry washing machines and end up in an alternative universe.
Yes, our staff are very well trained in giving medications including asthma inhalers, insulin injections and tablets. Our hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so medication dose times are not a problem.
Yes certainly. Please let us know when we are booking the boarding time and we can organise that for you. We would ask that if procedures are being performed that you are available for us to contact you to discuss the results.
The beauty of our medical boarding suite (and the reason for its’ existence) is that if your cat does become unwell, they are already in hospital. Our trained staff will alert our veterinarian who will contact you to discuss a plan. If you are travelling and cannot be contacted, we will have asked for information and consent prior to your departure detailing the investigations and treatment you are comfortable with.
Yes they can however you would need to arrange our consultation with one of our feline veterinarians prior to your cat's boarding stay so that we can ensure we have a thorough understanding of their medical background should any complications arise during their stay. 
Bookings can be made:
  • Over the phone
  • In person
  • Via the website – a request for booking will be sent and a reception team member will be

required to contact the owner back to organise.

The cost of medical boarding is determined by the number of medications/treatments required for each cat per day. Please note there is a holiday loading fee applied for dates including Qld public holidays and Qld public school holidays. 

 Yes, there is a nominal surcharge for these dates, please call us or register your interest via the registration form to get a quote for the period you are looking at.


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