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Looking after your cat immediately after they have received iodine treatment

Radioactive iodine treated cats excrete small amounts of radioactivityin their urine, stools and saliva for 2-4 weeks.  

In order to reduce human exposure treated cats must be kept indoors only for 2 weeks after discharge and you will need to avoid contact with their saliva, stools, vomit or urine.  

During this period we recommend:  

(a) Keep your cat in his/her carrier until you get home. 

(b) Avoid  long periods (more than a few minutes) of direct contact with your cat. It is safe to pick them up for short periods, but they should not sit on anyone’s lap for extended periods or sleep next to you on the bed.  

(c) Avoid  “face-to-face" contact or allowing the cat to lick or groom humans.  

(d ) Ensure any handling is done in well ventilated areas (rooms with open windows or airflow) 

(e )  Ensure your cat is not getting onto kitchen benches, or anywhere food is handled 

(f ) Wash your hands after patting your cat.  

(g) Avoid contact with urine, stools or vomit.  

(h) Litter trays should be kept in an unoccupied area and lined with a waterproof litter tray liner. All litter tray waste should then be disposed of in a rubbish bag. Wear gloves when changing the litter and when cleaning any excrement outside the litter box (e.g. vomit).  

(i) Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not be allowed near the cat or the contaminated litter or bedding (within 1 metre) for 3 weeks. 

(j) If your cat requires medical attention and you wish to take him/her back to your regular vet during this time, call them first and explain the situation. Make sure you bring these instructions to give to your veterinarian. 

(k) Remember to keep your cat in his/her carrier at all times during transport. 

If these instructions are followed the risk from radiation to humans will be minimal.  

If you can’t keep you cat indoors during this period, then we also provide the option of cats staying with us for the two weeks after their iodine treatment.  Just like the iodine facility, our medical boarding suites are purpose built, spacious and your cat will not want for anything!

Please ensure that you let us know when you are booking if you require medical boarding afterwards for your cat to ensure a place.  


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