Research Directions and Case Recruitment

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care for cats. We are constantly studying and researching to improve the ability to diagnose and treat cats more effectively.
We sometimes use new treatments, drugs and procedures after initial investigations confirm their safety.

Our current projects are looking at the following diseases and treatments.
- Use of local instillation of polxymers impregnated with antibiotics for use in cats with
multidrug resistant Pseudomonas infections in the nose and sinuses (rhinosinusitis).
- The use of remdesivir and GS-441524  in cats with Feline infectious peritonitis infection.
- Feline injection site sarcomas (retrospective study)
- Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in Burmese and British Shorthair cats

If you have any cases that you think you might have suitable patients or which to discuss these cases further please contact us to discuss.


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