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Rachel Korman, Feline Internal Medicine Specialist

Rachel Korman

BVSc MANZCVS (Internal Medicine) FANZCVS (Feline Medicine)

Specialist in Feline Internal Medicine
After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2000, Dr. Korman worked in small animal and feline only practices in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

She was awarded a Feline Advisory Bureau (now International Cat Care) Senior Clinical Training Scholarship at the University of Bristol and completed research in the areas of feline infectious and haematological disease. She became a Fellow of the Australian New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and a registered specialist in Feline Medicine in 2018.

She is a member of the Feline Expert Panel, a reviewer for the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, contributing author to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association of Feline Practice, a member of the Australian Heartworm Advisory Panel and a tutor for the Feline Medicine Distance Education Course (University of Sydney). She lectures extensively throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia and was given a Cynthia Award from International Cat Care for her dedication to cats.

Dr. Korman works at Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane where she heads the feline medicine service and cat friendly clinic. Her passion stems from the bond between animals and their owners and the strength of every cat's personality!

She shares her home with two children, Professor Moriarty (a Burmese with a mind for evil deeds), Maus (a partially sighted British shorthair) and Whinny, a rescue Chihuahua who is a glorified cat. Any free time is divided between kids, cats and the dog!

Alison Jukes

Alison Jukes


Specialist - Feline Medicine
Alison graduated from the University of Queensland in 2006 and started her clinical practice with an emergency medicine internship. She briefly worked in dermatology practice before finding her calling in feline practice. She has worked exclusively with cats since 2009. Alison became a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and a registered specialist in feline medicine in 2021. She enjoys looking after geriatric patients with all their co-morbities, and has a particular interest in feline dermatology and endocrine disorders. Alison shares her home with three children, four cats, a whippet, several chickens and a husband. Outside of work she plays violin in a community orchestra, enjoys going to the gym, as well as gardening and spending time outdoors. 

Kristy Stone, Feline Medicine Intern

Kristy Stone

BVs(Hons) MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats) 

Feline Medicine Resident
Kristy graduated from the University of Queensland in 2002.  Kristy is an experienced veterinarian working in small and large animal practice after graduation.  After discovering that large animals weren’t where her passion lies, she focused her career on small animal practice.  Kristy has always had a love of cats which stems from her childhood, at one stage having 9 rescue cats.  It is during her years as a general practice veterinarian that her passion for feline medicine developed.  Kristy always gravitated towards feline patients being intrigued by the uniqueness and the complexity of their diseases and treatments.  In 2008 Kristy decided to pursue further training and commenced a rotating internship at the University of Queensland Small Animal Teaching Hospital.  During this time, she completed Sydney University Continuing Education course in Feline Medicine.   Kristy returned to general practice whilst raising 3 children but her desire to pursue Feline Medicine remained.  Kristy is a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine and has obtained Membership to the Australian New Zealand College of Veterinary Science in Medicine of Cats in 2021.  Kristy completed a Feline Medicine only internship with VSS in 2021 and is currently undertaking a Residency in Feline Medicine to obtain Fellowship qualifications in Feline Medicine. 

Rachel Tsang, Feline Nurse

Rachel Tsang

BappSc-VT  MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats)

Feline Intern
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Shelley Windle


Feline Nurse
Shelley has loved cats from a very young age and always saw herself in a vet nursing career. After graduating university in 2000 she moved straight into a cat only vet clinic where she then completed her certificate in veterinary nursing. After 10 years she transitioned in multi animal practice where she was able to take her cat handling skills and spread the word on cat friendly nursing. Another 10 years and 2 human children later, the opportunity arose to join the feline team at VSS and she started with us in January 2022.

Away from work she enjoys time with her partner and 2 daughters, their 2 dogs Domino and Torvi, a Stimpsons python called Noodle, cockatiels Lucky and Milo and multiple aquariums. She loves time outdoors, reading and crafts, as well as colouring for relaxation.

Natalie Hunt, Feline Nurse

Natalie Hunt


Head Feline Nurse

Natalie has grown up with cats and from a young age has always been fascinated by them. She had her first experience working with animals being a kennel and cattery attendant in her hometown in Central Queensland. 

From there, she moved to SEQ in 2010 to study the Bachelor of Applied Science - Veterinary Technology at the University of Qld. 

Since graduating in 2013, Natalie has mostly focused on internal medicine and Intensive care nursing within SEQ specialist hospitals, but she has always been drawn to feline medicine and nursing. 

In 2019, she joined VSS as a rotating nurse and transitioned into a feline-only nursing role, as the development of CSS began. It was here she found her true calling in the veterinary industry. Natalie has several interests in feline medicine including critical care, nutrition, behaviour and oncology. She is a big advocate for fear free handling and has an interest in continuing education. 

In her spare time, Natalie spends her time at home with her fiancé and their two cats. She also enjoys scuba diving, aerial yoga, going on road trips and enjoying delicious food with friends and family. 

Kate Pembroke, Feline Nurse

Kate Pembroke


Feline Nurse

Kate began her career in the veterinary industry in 2014 as a veterinary receptionist in general practice and transitioned into nursing while completing her certificate IV in vet nursing. Working in a clinic that practiced fear free handling made her realise her passion for animal behaviour and cats in particular. In 2020 Kate moved into emergency and critical care part time. In 2021 after completing her International Society of Feline Medicine Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour she started the feline side of a behaviour consulting business providing in home behaviour advice to cat parents in need.
After two years advocating for her feline patients in the emergency setting Kate was excited to join the feline team in December 2021 and really build on her cat expertise.
Kate shares her home with her sassy calico cat Fifi and honorary ‘cat’ RuPaul the greyhound.

Ruby Lea

Client Care

Ruby’s love for cats definitely runs in the family, with her mother and grandmother also growing up with cats ruling the household! 

Ruby began her career with cats by volunteering at an animal rescue one day whilst completing her Certificate 3 in Animal Studies. She spent time volunteering with various species of farm animals, and chose to focus more on the ever-growing “cat team”. Ruby especially loves nursing neonate kittens and helping fearful cats come out of their shell a bit more. 

Whilst volunteering, Ruby also worked as a veterinary nurse assistant in an Emergency animal hospital at the Gold Coast. This experience was incredibly rewarding and she saw many interesting cases that made her love working with animals even more. 

When not working, Ruby enjoys trying new restaurants with her partner, spending time with family and friends, and also competitively races cars with her Dad. She has a ragdoll, a Persian, a Pug, a Neapolitan Mastiff and a chicken. 

Kelli Smith

Cat Attendant and master of all trades

Kelli is an animal lover to her core with a passion for cats. She has been working in the animal industry for over 25 years after starting her career in animal grooming. Kelli went on to study Animal Behaviour, Animal Nutrition and Dog and Cat Grooming.

17 years ago, Kelli identified the need to create a business that focused on the specific needs of cats and their grooming as well as the necessity to set up an environment where cats felt comfortable and safe when their personal hygiene requirements needed added assistance.

Establishing her own business led to her studying and working; best business practices relating to customer care, safe work practices, compliance management and customer point of contact, which ensures information between parties is open and transparent.

Kelli has a vast and knowledgeable background in business practices however her passion for cats and other cat lovers is where her true interests are.

Kelli shares her home with her two cats, the magnificent Maine Coon - Valli (pictured) and her little Tuxedo (Travis).

On the weekends Kelli enjoys spending her time with her family, doing Amigurumi crochet, working the vegetable garden, tending to the green house, gardening and being with her other animals (Graham, Shaka, and Martin), (Scout and Leroy - Dogs), (Bingo and Bluey - Chickens), (Ronnie and Matrix - Goats) and (Alan and Vinnie - Alpacas).

Wan-Ju Jao

BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats)

Feline Intern

Wan-Ju was born and raised in Taiwan. After graduating from Murdoch University she went to Hong Kong and worked as a small animal GP vet for 18 months before moving back to Australia. She was based in Adelaide working in a small animal GP/ER clinic where she had the opportunity to manage emergency cases. She has a strong interest in analgesia, diagnostic imaging, and feline behavior, but her favorite is definitely feline medicine.

Oustide of work Wan-Ju enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and playing video games (huge fan of Zelda series!). She speaks English and Mandarin and also understands Cantonese and Japanese. She has 2 domestic shorthair cats who will stay in Adelaide, she will surely miss them very very much.


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