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At Cat Specialist Services Hospital, nestled beside Veterinary Specialist Services in Underwood, we've created a unique sanctuary exclusively for cats. Our hospital is thoughtfully designed to ensure a tranquil and peaceful environment, enabling cats to recuperate while receiving top-tier specialist veterinary and nursing care.

Our team comprises eminent feline specialists, along with experts in surgery, cardiology, and oncology, among other fields. Equipped with the latest technology, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled care to our feline patients.

Cat Medical Boarding Brisbane

Medical Boarding

Our facility also boasts a welcoming medical cat boarding area, offering support for pet owners who need assistance with aftercare or are away.

Radioactive Iodine Suite

Radioactive Iodine Suite

A standout feature is our state-of-the-art radioactive iodine suite, the largest in the southern hemisphere. It's specifically tailored for the comfort of older hyperthyroid cats, featuring a garden wall, natural light, and televisions for the enjoyment and comfort of our guests.

Latest Medical Technology

Latest Medical Technology

We're also equipped with the most advanced equipment and facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of our patients, ensuring the highest standard of care.

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