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Kelli Smith

Head Client Care Officer
Kelli Smith

Kelli is an animal lover to her core with a passion for cats. She has been working in the animal industry for over 25 years after starting her career in animal grooming. Kelli went on to study Animal Behaviour, Animal Nutrition and Dog and Cat Grooming.

17 years ago, Kelli identified the need to create a business that focused on the specific needs of cats and their grooming as well as the necessity to set up an environment where cats felt comfortable and safe when their personal hygiene requirements needed added assistance.

Establishing her own business led to her studying and working; best business practices relating to customer care, safe work practices, compliance management and customer point of contact, which ensures information between parties is open and transparent.

Kelli has a vast and knowledgeable background in business practices however her passion for cats and other cat lovers is where her true interests are.

Kelli shares her home with her two cats, the magnificent Maine Coon - Valli and her little Tuxedo (Travis).

On the weekends Kelli enjoys spending her time with her family, doing Amigurumi crochet, working the vegetable garden, tending to the green house, gardening and being with her other animals (Shaka, and Martin), (Scout - Dog), (Bingo and Bluey - Chickens), (Matrix, Everest, Sky, Rubble & Marshall - Goats) and (Alan and Vinnie - Alpacas).


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