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Michelle Sebastian

Michelle Sebastian

Michelle began her love for cats at a young age and it's safe to say that the love only grew as she got older. After being in a family of nurses, Michelle decided to become the animal nurse in the family. Michelle worked in general practice completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing from late 2018 up until early 2023.

Through those years, she tried her hand at a fine art degree and human dentistry but always came back to veterinary nursing. She then delved into the realm of specialty and emergency where she found her passion for feline medicine and feline care. 

After working in lots of different clinics, Michelle dreamed of working in a cat-only practice and little did she know that there was one for feline specialty care - a dream come true! Michelle will always strive for the best for your fur babies and will never shy away from a conversation about cats! 

On the weekends and spare moments Michelle gets, she spends time with her feline familiar Cleopatra AKA 'Ratty' (pictured) and Cleopatra's two adopted brothers, Ville and Norman. You can also find Michelle going to concerts, creating all different kinds of art and changing her hair to all different colours and styles.


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